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Musicale LTD.

 The Long Shot Sessions

Volume I

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1. Step wit'chu feat. Big Llou

2. I gotcha' back  feat. KC Lee

3. Can i  feat.Heaven & Earth

4. This time i'm gonna be sweeter feat Herdean Williams

5. Keep on Steppin' feat. Marzette Griffith

6. Kiss me first (instrumental)

7. Let's Getaway feat. Marzette Griffithh

8. Whatever you Want feat. Kenny Davis

9. Spin Me

10. Mo' Betta love feat. Marshall Titus

11. Try Me

12. Pu Tang

13. Step wit'chu (remix) feat. Big Llou

14. Time out for Love

15. Love Saved My Life feat. Heaven & Earth

Musicale LTD.

 The Long Shot Sessions

Volume II

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1. X-Factor feat. Big Llou

2. That's My Cut feat. Marshall Titus

3. They Don't Make 'Em feat. The Voices

4. Incomparable

5. Dat Girl

6. Divine feat. Kenny Davis & King Sean

7. Heavy Love feat. Micheal Avery

8. The Little Things feat William Larkin

9. A Sad Soul Story

10. Love Sensation s/b feat. Richard Rogers

11. Let Her Know feat. KC Lee

12. Valerie feat. Marshall Titus

13. Piece of the World

14. Thick feat. Big Llou

15. Zanzibar feat Dave Polk


 The Long Shot Sessions

Volume II

1. Keep Livin'

2. Jazz Lady

3. Betta Day

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