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Making Music for a Song.


Your Demos or Our Jingles & Songwriting.

 We'll take care of the arrangements, the studio musicians, from conceptualization to recording to final mix and mastering.



MUSICALE LTD. is an all purpose music production company that creates compositions for a wide variety of artistic endeavors. We pride ourselves in shaping the product specifically for the artist, jingle, or theatrical entity to fit the needs of our clientele. Additionally, our company possesses the skill to put music to words or, alternatively, words to music. We also have the ability to work via the internet with Skype and very soon, via webcam. After a free consultation, we can advise which production approach is most suitable for your particular need. Lastly, our prices are reflective of whatever your specific need is; demo production, jingle production, songwriting, or finished master recordings. We can provide hourly rates for studio sessions, or package rates for ‘all in’ productions. Feel free to listen to some of our samples of product on our ‘releases’ page. Please see the contact page for information regarding our range of services.



Musicale Ltd

Hummingbird West Studios/Attic Antics Studios



MUSICALE LTD has been involved in the music industry for over 40 years drawing on their respective skills as singers, writers, arrangers, and producers for countless musical endeavors in the music industry. Always in demand because of their versatility, this multifaceted company has recently been climbing the ladder of “hot producers” for the last several years attesting to their abilities as versatile songwriters, expert session singers, formidable musicians, and more recently their smooth yet commercially accessible production style.


Reared on the music of the 60’s and 70’s, the producers met during the late 70’s as members of rival singing groups in Chicago. Years later, after the “stand-up group thing” had seemed to run its course, the singers turned their sights on staying in the music industry by writing songs. Having already written several songs for their respective groups, the former artists found a common bond in writing and began a series of collaborations in 1985 that has lasted through the millennium. Their production house has written for a variety of acts both new and old via music productions, jingles, and theatre over the past three decades to great reviews varying degrees of success. Additionally, the technological explosion of the last two decades has not been lost on the company either. MUSICALE LTD is adept in the current technological advances, employing CAKEWALK, PRO TOOLS, STUDIO ONE, and PROPELLERHEAD REASON audio workstations, and has developed and maintained a number of recording studios over the years in their home base of Chicago.


Currently, the MUSICALE LTD. is developing new talent for their independent label DaMan Records. In 2003, the pair released their first gospel artist Jesse Dean Stanford on DaMan Records to favorable reviews, and in 2005 received national and international acclaim for the adult R&B compilation release “The LongShot Sessions: The Soul of R&B”. Their newest release ‘The LongShot Sessions volume II: Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is receiving outstanding reviews since its release in the fall of 2014 MUSICALE LTD. welcomes the opportunity write for established artists or produce new talent at whatever occasion presents.


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